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Beauty is an infinite universe to conquer

Creativity, passion, color, fashion, art, cooking : the mix of our passions influences our daily business and the countless solutions we can provide for your brand.
Our “Made in Italy” label, blend of tradition, beauty and quality, offers us suggestive ideas which we then transform through art, research and science into products dedicated to beauty, cosmetics and artistic make up.
We think, create, translate inspiration into creative and functional products for eyes, face and lips. Intensity and impact but also attention, care, and the superior quality of our raw materials.
Thus, the universe of female beauty finds its ideal partner.


A special talent for research

Research allows us to improve every day: research is the future. Ours and yours.
For us, for our clients, and for the consumer.
We have a special talent for research, which we implement everyday into developing innovative technologies. We challenge ourselves constantly because only through innovation we can create formulas to anticipate trends : market requirements and consumers’ preferences.


A unique production experience

Quantities and lead times? We always have the answer ready. Proactive, conscious, aggressive.
We guarantee the most efficient productivity on all and any quantity, with reserve and whilst keeping to deadlines agreed upon with our clients, for a unique production experience.
Ready and always reactive, we love to interact with our clients, we like to do so with initiative, respect, and listening in order to fulfill any requirement.


Beauty is pure. Pure is quality.

Raw materials are key to our work : constantly monitored through our research process, development and strict control.
We test and guarantee our products studying and developing according to global legislations in order to allow distribution around the globe, clear, transparent and traceable.