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Founded in 1995, TRE EFFE SRL is apparently a young Company but it has been created by a management with a wide experience in the cosmetic business.

TRE EFFE SRL is a private label cosmetic manufacturer; the Company is nowadays one of the main suppliers of Italian brands and is constantly and successfully expanding the business to the most important international markets.

Non-stop evolution is one of the main characteristics ; originally well known for its high quality powders and the several and sensational special effects TRE EFFE SRL is today in the position to efficiently and innovatively face and support all market requests, anticipating the needs and granting at the same time an extremely high quality level at really competitive prices.
This is possible thanks to a trends-oriented marketing team, to the continous research activities and creativity of R&D and to the properly qualified and professional technical team.

All products can be supplied in bulk, as semifinished or finished products and in full service.

Creativity, fexibility and efficiency are our key-words.
Thanks to the team work TRE EFFE SRL is in the position to create, customize and manufacture always innovative and performing products in conformity with the current legislation and production is organized to reach the maximum flexibility in terms of delivery time granting a high quality level.

TRE EFFE SRL is the ideal partner for a lasting and reliable business relationship based on high quality, innovation and efficiency.

Sede operativa: via Meucci 3, 20834 Nova Milanese (MB) - Tel. 0362.364122 - Fax 0362.365664
Ricevimento merce: Via Majorana 13, 20834 Nova Milanese (MB)
P.I. - C.F. 02487730968 - REA 1471415 Milano - Cap Soc. € 25.000,00 i.v
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